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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements to obtain a license in CT?

To obtain a Connecticut Driver's License, you must first obtain a

Learner's Permit.

2. How do I obtain a permit?

Schedule your Knowledge Test appointment online *See test tab for more details

Collect all documents required as acceptable forms of identification *Parental consent required if under 18

Complete Application for Non-Commercial Learner's Permit and/or

Driver’s License (Form R-229); and

Pass a vision test and 25-question knowledge test; and

Permits are valid for two years. If you are 18 and over you must be hold the permit for at least 90 days prior to taking the on-the-road skills test. If you are under 18 you are eligible to apply for a driver's license after holding the permit for at least 120 or 180 days (120 days if the teen has attended the complete course at a commercial driving school)

3. Are there any exceptions to the adult permit laws?

Individuals exempt from this 90-day requirement are:

Active duty military - stationed out-of-state (must provide orders and

military ID card);

Any teen permit holder that held a Learner Permit for more than 90

days that expired on their 18th birthday and now is applying for an

adult Learner Permit; and

Any customer that held a driver's license in the past. This includes

individuals who have held an out-of-state driver's license, US

territory or out-of-country credential whom we have

reciprocity Germany, France and Canada). Must provide expired

license or abstract from previous state or country.

3. What happens if I fail the knowledge test?

If you fail the knowledge test, you must wait a minimum of seven (7)

days to retake the test and pay the $40 test fee again.

4. What happens after I receive my permit?

When driving, the you must be accompanied by a qualified trainer;

You must complete the 8-hour Safe Driving Practices/Drug & Alcohol Course

prior to taking the on-the-road skills test; and

Go on the DMV website or contact a commercial driving school to schedule your road test when you feel prepared to take it.

*A qualified trainer is defined as a person 20 years of age or older who has been licensed to operate a motor vehicle for at least four consecutive years with no suspensions. The 8-hour course can be taken through a commercial or secondary driving school. Proof of course completion (Form CS-1) must be presented at time of the road test. Teens: Once you have completed the required driver training and have held your permit at least 120 days (commercial/secondary) or 180 days (home-training) you are ready to continue the testing process, which includes a road test.

5. What is the required training for 16/17 year olds?

You can choose the type of training best for your teen to meet the

requirements. You can take 30 hours of classroom training, which

includes the Safe Driving Practices course and 2 hours of parent

training with a Commercial Driving School or High School (Secondary)

Driver Education Program; or Parents may choose home training

instead of using a commercial driving school for all of the required 30

classroom hours and 40 hours of on the road instruction.

*Home trained teens must still complete the 8 hour Safe Driving Practices Class at a licensed commercial or secondary driving school. The required 40 hour practice driving (behind-the-wheel) training may be given by any combination of commercial/secondary/parent instruction.

6. What do I do on the day of my road test?

When you and your qualified trainer arrive at the DMV, you must

present the appropriate documents and your qualified trainer must

sign the Application for Drivers License (form R-229) attesting to the

fulfillment of all training requirements in the presence of a DMV agent;

You must present your Learner's Permit, a completed Application for a

Non-Commercial Driver License (form R-229) and your CS-1 Driver

Education Certificate verifying completion of driver training;

You must have a properly registered and insured motor vehicle. The

vehicle must have a valid registration and proof of insurance and must

be in good condition (it will be inspected prior to testing). The proof of

insurance must be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle. If

the vehicle is leased, proof of insurance may be in the name of the

lessee; and

Once you pass the road test you must pay the $72 or $84 license fee.

7. Is it true that I can take the Road Test at a Commercial or Secondary School?

Yes. If you are 16-21 years old you are eligible for on-site testing at a

school. On the day of the test you must present your learner's permit to

the DMV Agent along with a completed Application for Driver

License (form R-229) and CS-1 Driver Education Certificate verifying

completion of driver training.

*Your qualified trainer must sign the Application for Driver License (form R-229) verifying that all driver education/practice driving requirements have been fulfilled. Once you pass the road test you must wait 48 hours before going to the DMV Office with your passed Road Test Evaluation Report.

8. Is it true that I can rent the school's vehicle for my off-site DMV test?

Yes. As long as the car is available and we have confirmed that you are a

safe driver, you may rent the vehicle for your test . If you rent the vehicle,

we will pick you up from home and drive you to the DMV. Once your test

is over, we will bring you home.

9. What happens if I fail my road test?

If you fail the Road Test you must pay the License Exam Fee and wait

at least 14 days to be retested.

10. Do I need my permit to take classes at your school?

That depends. You may begin the complete teen course and take the

8-Hour Mandatory Class without it; however, the permit is required if

you are taking any road lessons.

11. Do you offer payment plans for classes at your school?

Yes. We understand that the process to obtain your license can be costly

and are here to help in any way that we can. Contact the office today to

see what arrangement we can come up for you!

For a full list of questions regarding the testing process you may view the DMV website at CT.GOV/DMV

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