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"Based on my experience, I strongly recommend the 2BG driving school to everyone seeking to obtain a driver’s license. I took their Safe Driving course and one road lesson, which is way too little, but circumstances did not allow me to take more lessons. This driving school has the best price in the area. I called so many schools before finding 2BG. They also have a really convenient schedule of the classes, so you can find time that will suit you no matter how busy you are. But what is even more important is that they are very responsible and respectful to every client and their time. I ended up being the only one signed up for the course and still Myra, the owner and instructor of the school, did not cancel the class and gave it literally just for me. On a separate note Myra is a very efficient driving instructor, very patient, really interested in teaching you how to drive safely and how to pass the test! Crucial is that she wants to teach you fast. As I said I had only one road lesson with her (wish I had more) but even during this very short time she was able to give lots of useful driving tips, which I successfully used during my road test and will definitely use during my everyday driving. All of this helped me rock both the computer and the road tests from the first attempt!"-Anna Ziganshina (Facebook Review)

"Both me and my wife have taken driving instructions from Myra and got our license due to her unbelievable motivational support and guidance. We found her amazing, patience and helping for new drivers by boosting up their confidence in driving. She has a unique quality of ultimate patience which in my view, is the most important requirement to be an driving instructor. I strongly recommend her school for behind the wheel driving instructions. I wish her all the best for her future endeavor".-Rajkumar Verma (Google review)

"Although this school is brand new the owner of the school Myra, has taught at a previous driving school that I attended and she was the best instructor one could ask for. She is patient, caring, and helps her students catch on quickly; especially new drivers who have never been behind the wheel like myself. I would definitely recommend going to Myra's school. Whether you've never been behind the wheel before or just want to brush up on your driving skills this is the place to go!"-Miriam S (Google review)

"The owner of this school was my driving instructor! I was a late learner, over 25 and scared at first! She made me comfortable, took her time, and prepared me for all road obstacles! I recommend her school, you will be satisfied!!"-Kawana Bourne (Facebook review)

"Before Myra was my instructor, I failed my license twice with a different school. But Myra was such an excellent teacher, so warm and dedicated to teach. She's also one of the most patient people I know! I'm so so so happy and lucky for having had her!"-Kardelen Akkus (Facebook review)

"If you ever want to get the best results and the best information I recommend you go here ,Myra is great and all the information is valid you won't be disappointed I sure wasn't and now I'm an official licensed driver thank you Myra :-)" -Isaac Earl (Facebook review)

"(This) Is the right place to learn your entire driving skills, the lectures are tailored to meet CT requirement but also to ensure the students are up to date. I recommend it to all who live around Branford'-Benito Kwadade (Facebook review)

"Very knowledgeable and helpful."-Giorgio Masella (Facebook review)

"Great driving school, plus Myra takes her time with explaining things to make sure you get it. I recommend it to everyone."-Angel Torres (Facebook review)

"This is the perfect Driving School, for you to get your drivers license..."-Peter Claver Chibuzor (Facebook Review)

"I think this school is wonderful, Myra is a great person and teacher. She is loyal, trustworthy, kind patient and ambitious. I love her she taught me how to drive the first day I met her and even though she was my teacher she is a great friend. She sets your confidence at a high level and prepares you with the right tools to accomplish your goal. I strongly recommend this driving school. This is not just any driving school..." Alexis Glover (Facebook Review)

"Awesome place, great teacher"-Nick Temple (Facebook Review)

"Myra is one of the sweetest people I ever met!"-Kara O'Dwyer (Facebook Review)

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