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We offer a variety of classes to fit our customers needs. Our most popular classes are shown below.

Mandatory 8 Hr D&A/Safe Driving Practices Class

This class discusses the nature and the medical, biological and physiological effects of alcohol and drugs, and their impact on the operator of a motor vehicle; Dangers associated with the operation of a motor vehicle after the consumption of alcohol or drug abuse; Problems of alcohol and drug abuse and the penalties for alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle violation

*2-hour mandatory parent training Included for students 16-17 years old.

Complete Teen Course

This course includes 30 Classroom hours and 8 hours of road lessons. In this course we cover all materials in the Connecticut Driver’s Manual deemed necessary for a person to know in order to safely operate a motor vehicle under present day driving conditions

*8 Hour D&A Class/2 Hour Parent Class included. Permit NOT required to start classes. Must be at least 16 to register.

Driving Lessons

This includes home pick-up and use of our school car which is equipped with dual brakes. During on road instruction students will learn the controls of the vehicle and how to handle the vehicle on the road, in traffic and on the highway. *prices may vary based on pick up location

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